Modern Apartment with Hidden LED Lighting by Matteo Nunziati

“How the ideal family apartment looks these days? This is not a secret. The famous Italian designer Matteo Nunziatihas made this extremely modern, fashionable and cozy apartment an example of city dwelling. The apartment is located inside the residential complex designed by Zaha Hadid for Citylife. Matteo Nunziati has designed furniture and accessories, Natevo has developed the lighting. Innovative in this project is the integration of LED Lighting in furniture. They are simple, compact and comfortable. The color range is refined and elegant. The base material is walnut, combined with ocher color tones, white and fresh complementary color to mustard yellow..

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How We Work

Experienced - Creative team

Our team always work enthusiastically to create the good quality products and services 

Project supervision experience
We focuses on project quality from
start to handover

Reasonable and competitive prices
With the advantages of factories and teams, we help save and optimize costs for every project

Genuine brand of materials & equipment
With well-known partners in the industry such as: An Cuong, Kohler, Blum, Mai Anh Art Tiles,....

Consulting - Design - Construction
Interior and exterior design consulting. Office. Civil housing. Villa. Restaurant and Hotel...


The operations of the company

With long years of experience with large and small companies have been implemented, such as office buidings, luxury apartments, hotel, resort, house, factories, etc..

Civil Construction and Industry

- Construction of building, office
- Construction of plant installation, plant
- Construction of the hotel restaurant bar…
- Construction of the villa houses, large and small
- Construction of interior – exterior plants, factories, restaurant, hotels bars…

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- Low voltage
- Hight – voltage system
- Construction and installayion of water treatment tanks
- Installing of pumping stations and water treatment plants
- Treatment equipment, water supply and drainage systems, large and small.

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- Thermal Systems
- Operating humidity
- The air-conditioning system

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Frequently Asked Questions

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